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Don Reed Simmons is an Internationally recognized Psychic, Medical Intuitive, Mystic, Meditation Teacher, Public Speaker and Shamanic Practitioner…just to name a few. With over 20 years experience, Don Reed Simmons is considered to be one of the most successful and beloved Psychics in the South.  His readings are conducted in person, on the phone and by SKYPE. Don’s sessions are always grounded and accurate. His recorded guided meditations can be found on mobile phone apps and are listened to by thousands of his followers every day.  Although he is based in Sarasota FL and Atlanta, GA, he continues to meet regularly with his devoted global clients.

He is certified in Past Life Regression by Brian Weiss, MD (“Many Lives,Many Masters”). He has developed and mastered the ability to tap into Past Lives and bring clarity into Present day Life. Past Life readings are both by hypnosis and through Intuitive reading.

Don’s services include:

Personal and Business Psychic Reading

Past Life Readings and Regression

Shamanic Journey and Healing, Soul Retrieval

Space and Personal Clearing



Pet Communicator.

Guided Meditation

Don Reed Simmons has studied meditation with masters such as Thich Nhat Hanh and Jon Kabat-Zinn. He is now a master and highly regarded meditation teacher in his own right.  Don’s guided meditations are nothing short of powerful.  His recorded meditations have reached millions of listeners worldwide.

Don teaches meditation, mindfulness and compassion with the use of Sound as a modality of relaxation, balance and wellness. He has produced anumerous guided meditation/music CD’s and has performed with legendary composer/performer Steven Halpern



His hypnotherapy work has assisted many in taking back their lives, to live joyfully and successfully. Hypnotherapy assists in finding and implementing your Highest potential for the Greatest Good of the Great Spirit, Humanity and Yourself.

“In my world today there are no coincidences, meeting you definitely falls into that category. The work that we did together gave me a peace and serenity that I have only encountered a few times in my life.  Thank you for guiding me.”  ~~ T.B. Atlanta

“I knew I could count on your grounded advise.”  ~~ L.R. – Los Angeles

“You were exactly what I needed to continue my journey into a world I rarely have visited … serenity, worth and union with my head, heart and soul … Thank you … it is as if I made a wish and you came true.”  ~~ A.C. – Atlanta

“(Your classes) has been a life – changing experience and I am so glad to have been a part of it.”    ~~ M.G. Riverside, CA.

“Your intuitive impressions of clients and people I work with give me the edge I need for more success in business.”  ~~ K.D. Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

“I was truly amazed by some of the things you knew.  I felt a connection and ease with you immediately and I got so much out of our session. I would recommend you to others in search of answers.”   ~~  A.L. – Atlanta

“I left my reading having learned new truths and with a sense of deep peace, exhilarating inspirations, and practical actions to apply – awesome!”  ~~ D.L.  Newport Beach, CA.



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